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deal the cards

Click the cards or candles to deal the cards; Choose and click a card. Print card, cut out, Mail !


These cards were made new and destroyed everyday from year 2000 to year 2006 when the program died suddenly and left these last 13 that will never change.





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Crazy grasps from their garbage .
Paradise in a child .
Great nice luck feels throughout so he may forget by Judgment ;
Clear logical passion destroys quick so it creates around Judgment !
Darkness by their television .
Macabre yellow business is naturally and it makes around Darkness .
Darkness through my intellect ;
Wise happy job may threaten lonely ; he will heal from their Love ;
Sex reads quick for my coin but he talks from my yellow animal ?
Hot little play sings naturally and it does see around their Xmas .
Hate by the wind .
Love by my sleep ?
Burning Xmas through the blue sticky compliment
Yellow Love through their great painful earth
Big Love from my yellow yellow river
Fluffy Xmas for their pretty muddy passion
Special Xmas by the lucky luscious sun
Beautiful Love from their full wild transportation
Happy Xmas from your happy wise spirit
Silver Love around your ambiguous green money
Passionate Hate in my fluffy big future
Full Xmas in the atomic luscious sleep
Winsome Xmas for my beautiful sticky stranger
Fluffy Hate in your pretty thrilling path
Muddy Hate from my blue macabre coin
Past Xmas through your clean lucky someone
Foolish Xmas for a magnificent our compliment
Great Xmas through your mysterious sticky sun
Spicy Butterfly from your mysterious past time
Our Muse from their little nice animal
White Butterfly through the lucky logical garbage
Our Respect for an our full sun
Black Music in a passionate logical star
Lucky Music from a sparkling frantic cell
Ambiguous Muse through a like favorite attitude
Great Music in a white fresh business
Magnificent Respect for a clear ambiguous garbage
Macabre Music for the muddy bountiful garbage
Painful Muse for your lucky clean dream
Painful Muse in my frantic great life
Macabre Persistence around their gold red art
Yellow Muse for their fluffy wise wind
White Butterfly through their white burning life
Pretty Butterfly around your luscious green particle
Clear Persistence in your wild fluffy wall
Ambiguous Muse from a clean special business
Burning Butterfly through your magnificent wise heart
Sticky Music in a magnificent magnificent death
Blue Respect from my lucky burning politics
Sticky Respect in your great macabre nature
Foolish Butterfly in their our sparkling death
Sticky Muse in their big joyous road
Lucid Music through a fresh foolish wish
Past Butterfly for my hot like brain
Big Butterfly from their spicy mature luck
Winsome Respect in your like nuclear business
Gold Persistence for your positive beautiful wish
Mature Persistence from my big lucid art
Nice Muse through your joyous fresh wisdom
Painful Music around their lucid muddy time
Yellow Persistence by your big joyous life
Magnificent Music from their like joyous business
Lucky Butterfly by my past blue garden
Mature Music through the winsome frantic home
Crazy Persistence through my foolish fluffy wish
Green Music through the special black time
Thrilling Respect by your past black sleep
Big Persistence through my wild sticky river
Bountiful Respect by your white painful tomorrow
Pretty Persistence in a red beautiful money
Spicy Persistence in my luscious red ocean
Full Butterfly through the great atomic peace
Gold Butterfly around your crazy wise job
Blue Butterfly in your merry silver sun
White Persistence by their burning our moon
Yellow Muse around their past burning future
Lucky Butterfly for your muddy magnificent rose
Spicy Butterfly by the favorite full magic
Our Music for their red happy someone
Burning Respect through the ambiguous black ocean
Our Persistence from a black logical wind
Hot Respect by a lucid wise judgment
Burning Creation in my spicy sticky thorn
Sparkling Success by a red ambiguous thorn
Little Success from the green luscious peace
Macabre Creation from my favorite positive nature
Wise Success through your wise gold today
Painful Secrets for a winsome winsome mind
Full Adoration for my atomic favorite child
Sparkling Success around their ambiguous foolish someone
Sparkling Creation by my spicy yellow moon
Winsome Creation by your frantic atomic nature
Mature Adoration for their fresh luscious power
Crazy Creation from your pretty joyous animal
Fluffy Adoration for your merry blue fire
Painful Adoration from your wild painful mind
Silver Secrets through your fresh little yesterday
Special Success through your nice special animal
Painful Secrets in your luscious wise time
Passionate Secrets in a red mature goddess
Magnificent Creation in their muddy happy sleep
Passionate Creation in my beautiful painful sex
Blue Adoration in your big bountiful brain
Frantic Creation through my like foolish transportation
Burning Success from a lucky logical business
Muddy Success in my gold black luck
Past Success around a winsome lucky villain
Great Secrets through your thrilling red machine
Crazy Creation by your wise red job
Little Adoration in the past passionate earth
Joyous Secrets from the sparkling silver passion
Positive Success from their merry yellow garbage
Mature Adoration by their positive red flower
Lucid Adoration through their thrilling luscious compliment
Pretty Creation in your green lucid garden
Luscious Creation in the clear red thorn
Big Success around their burning pretty rose
Fluffy Creation through their great winsome yesterday
White Adoration for my great black ambiguity
Big Adoration by a positive like mind
Wild Success in a fresh wise sun
Joyous Adoration by the foolish spicy garbage
Crazy Creation from their painful winsome play
Red Secrets in my like frantic why
Full Secrets by the black like nature
Pretty Success from their macabre clean life
Clean Adoration by my fluffy clear fire
Merry Creation in a beautiful our passion
Positive Creation around their beautiful yellow brain
Ambiguous Secrets for my nuclear full nature
Blue Success through your winsome yellow sleep
Beautiful Secrets in your past big stranger
Magnificent Success in a little green compliment
Favorite Creation around your merry nice food
Fresh Adoration in the wise our sun
Silver Secrets by their burning mysterious power
Green Secrets for a magnificent lucky sex
White Creation in my gold silver attitude
Green Creation in your thrilling hot transportation
Joyous Creation through the ambiguous winsome magic
Big Adoration around a fluffy beautiful power
Magnificent Creation through a special black junk
Special Adoration in your merry silver job
Foolish Adoration through their favorite bountiful someone
Yellow Success in my white thrilling instinct
Pretty Success for your burning happy transportation
Spicy Success through their thrilling gold tomorrow
Logical Creation by their sparkling like tomorrow
Green Creation through a silver full home
Bountiful Secrets in the nuclear blue drug
Positive Adoration by a black great snake
Nuclear Adoration from their fluffy lucid play
Hot Success from their pretty clear instinct
Like Creation for the lucid clean heart
Lucky Success from a blue gold road
Bountiful Secrets through your our mature cell
Little Secrets through your magnificent atomic art
Mature Success from my winsome happy television
Black Creation around my happy burning yesterday
Fresh Adoration by the positive wild coin
Fluffy Secrets around your joyous favorite river
Magnificent Secrets by your beautiful burning earth
Black Adoration in the muddy winsome sex
Mysterious Sound through your favorite wise wish
Crazy Taste around the mature thrilling dream
Clear Vision through your happy lucid instinct
Happy Taste around their happy little magic
Favorite Taste around a muddy ambiguous politics
Atomic Feeler through the ambiguous lucky politics
Favorite Feeler by my crazy lucky work
Big Smell by my bountiful mysterious coin
Fluffy Feeler by a like big garbage
Clear Vision for your like fluffy rose