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Economics of telepathy

Imagine for a moment that humans have suddenly acquired telepathy. An individual's fully developed “creative act” or design could be distributed on demand without physical production costs usually necessary with painting, film, printing or any other artifact we have used to communicate ideas. With telepathy, specific designs flow unfettered from source to consumer creating a cultural dialog that would exponentially increase development speed of any design because production costs for artifacts would not be necessary. One could also imagine that cultural editing would create demand for artifacts related to popular telepathic designs; like popular television shows have created demand for (sometimes loosely related) artifacts. The internet offers an opportunity, after the cost paid to enter the technological fold, to distribute on demand specific designs with virtually no REproduction costs. Through the internet we can test the economics of telepathy.


Take any image on this site. Free digital talismans like “never give up” starts a slide show that changes every five minutes. Fill your screen with your browser’s window and STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. When you see an image you like, take it, use it as your own talisman or send it to someone that needs one. The "Print ; Cut out : Mail" images that appear in the show are written over daily so if you like one of these, take it ; THIS MEANS YOU. BUY stickers !

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